Hello world!

So.  I am finally back online with a new website!  It’s been a really looooong time since I have posted to my previous blogs, as I have been settling in to the new digs in Berlin, Germany.  Like other blogs I have had, this one will probably evolve somewhat (or more) as I go along.  I will keep this blog heavily photography focused (pun not intended) with images I have created, some tips and discussion relevant to photography, and more.

Let’s get things started with the full version of the photo I am using as the header photo for this blog, “Exit Stage Left”.

Exit Stage Left

All the World's a Stage, isn't it?

This photo is a pretty good representation of the photography I try to create.  This is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo shot at the Arlington National Cemetery during a brief stay in the Washington, D.C. area during the summer.  I had been to the cemetery before, but had not seen this particular area.

While walking around this particular subject, just behind The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, I thought it a particularly appropriate scene.  If all the world’s a stage, I imagine those men and women who have fallen in battle  and are honored in Arlington are great actors, who have exited stage left to rest in peace for all eternity, their heroic deeds– often only known to few, —  applauded and honored by many.

As you will no doubt gather over time, I am a big proponent of HDR photography, a technique that allows the photographer to capture a greater range of detail in the light and shadows of a particular subject by shooting several photographs (often three, with one exposed for the darkest areas of the subject, another exposed for the lighter parts of the subject, and another exposed for the mid-tones), then combining those photos during post-processing with software designed to do blend those shots. I use a program called Photomatx Pro, and love it!

See you next time!

~ by exposedbythelight on September 27, 2009.

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