The Changing Weather

The Changing Weather

Rain or Shine?

I shot this in August of 2008 while visiting Berlin.  The weather the first few days was fantastic, though there were some rainy days as well.  Now that I actually live in Berlin, I have come to learn that one predict the weather very well here.  Best to be prepared for any eventuality, as these folks enjoying a day in the shadow of the Brandenburg Gate seem to be.  In re-processing this photo today, a bit more than a year after taking it, I have blended some textures with the original photo to reflect the somewhat unpredictable Berlin weather.

Shooting details:  I shot this photo with a Nikon D300 and a Sigma 10-24 wide-angle telephoto lens.  I did not use a tripod, as I was walking about with family and had to move fairly quickly.  This was a single exposure, shot in RAW format, which helped to preserve as much of the details as possible for subsequent editing.

Post-Processing:  I used Photomatix Pro to create a “faux” HDR image out of this one RAW image.  I also tweaked the overall contrast by adding a curves layer in Photoshop.  I used three separate textures, which I blended into the photograph, and then used layer masks to paint the textures in or out as needed.

~ by exposedbythelight on September 28, 2009.

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