The lonely ghost of U-bahn 7

The ghost of U-bahn 7

Keeping up with my posts (one per day is my goal) is a bit more of a challenge than I thought.  First, I have to find time to go out and shoot some images with which to work, and then, of course, I have to process the images.  The weekend just zipped right by!  My wife was kind enough to allow me to slip away for a couple of hours late on Sunday, so off I went to try to find an interesting subject to shoot.  I knew I wanted to shoot one of the U-bahn or S-bahn stations, but which one?  There are so many here in Berlin!  I ended up shooting the outside of one, and the inside of another.  Of the two sets, I chose to process the indoor shot first, as it was more conducive to the vision I had in mind…  hauntings!!  Why hauntings?  Well… I’m glad you asked.  On Saturday, my kids came ran downstairs convinced that someone or something threw first a domino at them, and then a pair of scissors!  The girls added that the domino had fallen down on them out of nowhere, and that the scissors had first been floating in the air before it was thrown.  I am sure they thought that my wife and I would tell them they were nuts, but we did not.  We went up into their rooms to have a look, and I immediately felt a chill and broke out in goose bumps.  Not finding anything amiss, other than a pair of scissors on the floor and domino next to it, we all walked back downstairs together.  Needless to say, the girls decided to sleep in one of the other bedrooms that night.  Because of that odd incident, I decided to create the image you see here.

Processing this image was not as simple as one would believe.  While on location, I shot three separate sets of RAW files: one set of 7 shots, each bracketed at 1 f-stop increments, and with no people or train in the frame; one set of 7 shots, each bracketed at 1 f-stop increments, this time with the old woman in the frame; and, finally, one set of 7 shots, each bracketed at 1 f-stop increments, and with just the train speeding by.  I then fed each set through Photomatx to process the HDR images I needed, and then composited the various elements I wanted together in the final piece.  To make things easier, I used my trusty Wacom tablet to paint the various elements and effects into the final image you see below.  This is an over simplification, but is about as much as I have time to describe today.  Enjoy the lonely ghost of U-bahn 7!

~ by exposedbythelight on October 4, 2009.

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