Delights at night in Köln (Cologne), Germany

Man!  It is gettin’ really hard to find the time to shoot, process and post pictures.  Had a bit of time after a business meeting this evening in Cologne to shoot a bit around the city’s beautiful cathedral.  I plan to post some more from that shoot soon; here is the first one.  I do love capturing life in the early evenings and nights!

Delights at night in Cologne

This one is a combination of 5 separate images, shot at 1-stop increments and, as usual, blended together in photomatix.  For a great explanation of how you can do this as well (if you are not already shooting HDRs), go to and click on Trey Ratcliff’s HDR tutorial link.  He is one of the great masters of this kind of work.


~ by exposedbythelight on October 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Delights at night in Köln (Cologne), Germany”

  1. Looks really nice!
    Ever since getting into photography a bit more, I’ve noticed how yellow all cities are at night. The blue sky contrasts really well in this photo.

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