Ghost Train

This will be a quick post this evening…or should I say midnight!!  Actually, it is 1:23 AM, and I need to get to sleep ’cause we are off to a farm tomorrow for a few days of living off the proverbial land.  Well…  Maybe not living off the land exactly, but it IS a real working farm.  Looking forward to a few days away from the office to refresh my mind.  Not sure if there will be an internet connection there, so this may be the last post for a week or so.  Hoping to shoot some HDRs with my buddy, whose family owns the farm.  Also looking forward to driving a tractor!  Yes!  Always wanted to do that!!

This photo has nothing to do with a farm, but it is part of the land:  the forest.  I call this one Ghost Train, and I will not go into the process of creating it because it was awfully complicated.  Let’s just say that it started with seven exposures for the HDR background, includes a train blended in from another HDR I created separately, and is overlayed with several textures painted in and out with the help of several layer masks. And now, I need to get some sleep!

Ghost Train


~ by exposedbythelight on October 18, 2009.

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