Someone call for a doctor? No? Well how about a tutorial?

Man, I just LOVE shooting at the abandoned sanitorium near Berlin!  Here is a recent one that might give some of you the chills.  It was darn cold that day, not just because of the snow, but also from the chill in the air from what still lurks in this old surgery room.  One can only imagine what that surgical light must have seen through the years!

Ya’ll like this work?  If so, stay tuned, because I am planning to post a tutorial on URBEX photography and post processing very soon.  I plan to post one video showing the capture process, and a second one showing how I process my images.  Why am I doing this?  Well, because I love shooting and I love teaching, and this way I can do both.  What prompted me to do this? The fantastic HDR tutorial, videos and blog of master HDR smith Trey Ratcliff at  The challenge will to bring something value added to the table, and only you all will be able to judge whether or not I have done that once you check out the video tutorials.  Hope to have those done and uploaded within the week!!

~ by exposedbythelight on January 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Someone call for a doctor? No? Well how about a tutorial?”

  1. Looks like a surgery room!!!! Scary…

  2. I truly love your work and I know you must be super busy these days but any chance you will be posting the rest of your wonderful HDR tutorials. I’ve been a fan for quite sometime and have been diligently checking your website in hopes of seeing your post processing tutorial. Keep up the inspirational work. I truly admire your work!

    • Hi, Liz. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for following the blog. I would really like to do a tutorial, but life and a day job compete for and win out! Still, I really do want to throw a tutorial out there on how I do my processing, in hopes that someone either benefits. Sadly, I am not as well versed in some of the disciplines necessary to record and post such a tutorial, but I hope to find the time, soon, to get smart in that department and then to post a tut!

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