It’s ALWAYS about the light!!

Man! Where to begin! Again, it’s been a dog’s age since I have posted to my blog. Whaz up wit dat? What can I say? No excuse, sir! Anywho, I’m back!! Since the last time I posted, I have done a lot of shooting (mostly URBEX) and a lot of post-processing. Do what, right? Well… I’ll tell ya! I think that I have actually improved my work. When I go back into my hard drive and look at my first HDR work, and compare it to what I do now, I can see that I am, as Hanibal Lecter said, “Becoming!” I think all of us improve our craft when we take the time to honestly self-critique what we do, identify our weaknesses and figure out what it is about each and every image we make and how we might try to improve our next piece. When I first started creating HDR images, I thought that everything in the image had to be bright and visible. Wel. I’m here to tell ya that is not what is meant by, “It’s ALWAYS about the light.” Being about the light is all about creative lighting. As the great Rick Sammon says, “light illuminates, shadows define!” True words have never been spoken. Think about it the next time you look at a subject you want to shoot, and then think about how you will use light to sculpt your subject, rather than blast the image with light!

It's ALWAYS about the light!


~ by exposedbythelight on June 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “It’s ALWAYS about the light!!”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mark Blundell, Jacques. Jacques said: Finally updated my blog with my musing about light. Let me know what ya think. #blog #urbex #hdr […]

  2. Nice post, great photo and I totally agree, the shadows are so important.

  3. I found your insanely great work via a facebook friend who recommended I take a look. I am so happy he did! Your images are stunning both in composition as well as processing. I have you as an RSS feed and look forward to following your work! Great job!

    • Hi John! I really appreciate your generous words! Thank you. Well.. if you’re going to put me on RSS, I better get busy posting something new on the blog. I should have something new up before I turn in for the evening.

  4. […] a recent post on my previous website, I talked about the importance of light.  I plan to rewrite that article, […]

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