About me

Welcome to Exposed by the Light, where you I hope to share with as many people as possible my approach to the creative process of photography. It is my intention to post at least one photograph per day, either shot that same day, or one that I have shot previously but not yet posted to this blog. I look forward to sharing with you not only a bit about the subject of the photograph, but also some words about my vision for the work, and the post-processing I did to make the shot reflect that vision, rather than just record the subject as it appeared. I welcome all comments, critique and suggestions, as I hope to use those to improve my craft.


4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Jacques:

    Fabulous pix. Really stunning. Any pix of the family?


  2. Nice imagery, real nice. I have kept coming back several times, and I really appreciate your approach. Too artistic, someone might argue, but I don’t think so… Personal. Like it.

    • Thanks Kari! I often want to make it more realistic but keep finding myself compelled somehow to infuse the image with my own much more artsy version. Agree that many will not appreciate that, so I will probably post some less tweaked photos to mix things up a bit. Again, many thanks for coming back to check out my work and for the nice comments.

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